Stairway to heaven – symphonic

Cortesía del Poty, quien también sugirió ver los comentarios que la gente dejaba en youtube. Por ejemplo:

guys u sould check the subliminal messages on this song, it should be called stairway to hell
close your eyes and think about your life through this song
Dude. There better be an ‘Elevator To Heaven’. I’m not walking that. :/
there isn’t, that’s why the song is long enough, you can run the stairs listening to the song on your ipod.
I cant get over how elegant yet magestic this song is. thats why people stil listen to this song. it walked dwn tht stairway to us! awsome.
‘ I am so having this song at my funeral. ‘ eu ri demaais ! asuhasuhsauash
Existe solamente una palabra para esto


a lot more calming than the original
@ franciopl: viva l’italia! XD